Can we trust that our votes are counted under the current election system?

The question we raised with the 2016 recount effort was simple: do we have an election system we can trust, that is accurate, secure and just? The answer was a resounding NO.

The recount revealed serious obstacles to just and secure voting, and in the recounts needed to safeguard those votes. That included out-of-date laws and recount procedures, politicized courts, machine failure and vulnerability, and flagrant racial inequities.

To put it simply, an un-recountable election is a blank check for fraud and malfeasance. It is a guarantee that election tampering cannot be detected. For that reason, we continue to fight - in legal battles, state administrative proceedings, through public educational forums and the media - for a voting system we can trust, that is accurate, secure and just.

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  • Robert Blackmon
    published this page in Recount FAQ 2017-12-12 11:05:08 -0500