How is the recount battle continuing inside the legal system?

Despite the resistance to 2016 recount in Wisconsin, the fight for voting justice continues. For over a year, our legal team has been working to set up a groundbreaking state-wide examination of crucial voting machine software that controls the actual counting and tallying of the votes.

Incredibly, this software has never before been examined following an election for evidence of tampering or errors that would compromise an election!

A new, unique Wisconsin law allows us the right to examine this software. The examination, conducted by computer voting experts, would check for evidence of human error, intentional interference or tampering by anyone - whether foreign powers, criminal networks, domestic partisans, or corporations that control the voting software.

But it will be a tough legal fight to make this happen.  That’s because election law largely protects the privacy and profits of voting software companies over our right to an accurate and secure vote.

We are in continuing negotiations with the Wisconsin Election Commission (WEC) and the voting software company in the hopes of making this happen soon.

In Pennsylvania, Jill Stein and five citizen plaintiffs are challenging the state's outdated and restrictive procedure for recounts in Federal Court, as well as demanding a public right to a forensic examination of voting equipment software, in order to provide verifiable election results. The suit challenges Pennsylvania's impossible procedure and paperless machinery on constitutional grounds.

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