How was the recount funding raised and how has it been used?

We put out a call over Thanksgiving weekend in 2016 asking for concerned citizens across the country to help raise money for recount filing fees and other related recount costs. In compliance with Federal Election Commission rules, the maximum contribution was limited to $2,700 total. Over 161,000 individuals donated an average of $45 to the recount effort.

An initial budget was posted on our website, which has been updated periodically to keep donors informed on how the recount donations have been put to work.

The largest expenses initially were for state filing fees and legal costs. Continuing expenses are driven largely by the cost of the ongoing legal cases, related communications and public education in support of recounts and voting justice, plus administrative costs and Federal Election Commission compliance.

Once the court case(s) have been completed, any remaining funds will be distributed to election protection and voting justice initiatives as determined by a ranked choice vote by the donors.

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