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Recount 2016 Budget Update: April 20, 2018

As part of our commitment to transparency around recount fundraising and budgeting, the Recount 2016 team has prepared a recount budget update detailing expenses as of 4/20/18:

Total amount raised:  $7,129,524
Attorney’s fees:  $2,642,843
Filing fees: 

$2,347,831* After refunds from WI and MI

WI=$1,494,085; MI=$632,125

Media: $363,901
Staff support: $509,555
Recount observer costs: $184,776
Travel and Events: $125,768
Compliance reserve: $150,000

Remaining balance:  

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Recount Update: January 25, 2018

Over a year after the historic effort to recount the 2016 vote, our legal team is still at work in Wisconsin and Pennsylvania fighting for an election system that is accurate, secure and just - and free from interference by any intruders, whether foreign or domestic!

Towards that end, we now have the exciting opportunity to conduct a groundbreaking state-wide examination of the voting machine “source code” - a crucial piece of voting machine software which controls the actual counting and tallying of the votes.

Incredibly, the source code for voting software has never before been examined for evidence of tampering or errors that would compromise an election!

During the recount, we claimed the right to examine this software under a new, unique Wisconsin law. This examination, conducted by computer voting experts, would check for evidence of human error, intentional interference or tampering by anyone - whether foreign powers, criminal networks, domestic partisans, or corporations that control the voting software.

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October 18, 2017

In a country that proudly calls itself a democracy, the question we raised with the 2016 recount effort was simple: do we have an election system we can trust, that is accurate, secure and just?

So far, the answer is a resounding NO.

In an age of commonplace computer security breaches - from the WannaCry ransomware intrusions into energy, health care and transportation, to the Equifax hack into hundreds of millions of credit accounts - it's astounding that the security of our voting technology has still not been verified.

To put it simply, an un-recountable election is a blank check for fraud and malfeasance. It is a guarantee that elections cannot and will not be verified.

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May 22, 2017

In spite of the assault on our democracy and all the crises that go with it – there’s a quiet revolution taking place. It’s been winning campaigns across the country and is now poised to explode with your help.

That revolution is Ranked Choice Voting, a critical reform that unleashes the power of our values to give meaning to our votes. Ranked Choice Voting has been gathering steam across the nation, as the American people demand a voting system that moves us forward, instead of paralyzing us with fear.

Please join me in making a contribution to the next big break-through for this game-changing reform that liberates us to vote for the greater good instead of the lesser evil!

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April 21, 2017

From the beginning of the recount effort, we made it clear that we were committed to ensuring the integrity of the election. Our goal was not to change the outcome or to help any one candidate , but simply to verify that the official results matched the will of the voters.

In that spirit, we are continuing the fight for voting justice in federal court, challenging the unfairness of Pennsylvania’s election system as a whole. See our latest brief here.

Pennsylvania’s system forces voters to use unreliable machines that frequently fail and which leave no paper trail of the vote - making it impossible to hold the system accountable to a standard of accuracy and honesty. The system also prevents voters from taking meaningful action to ensure that their votes are counted. This is simply not fair. We have not only a right to vote, but a right to have our votes counted.

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March 27, 2017

As Donald Trump’s corporate administration watches its approval ratings plummet, it’s a critical time for people to rise up and fight for democracy.

Recount activists have been hard at work making sure that the lessons of the recount lead to lasting reforms. Here’s a quick update on what we’re doing and how you can get involved:

Voting Justice conference in Milwaukee energizes electoral reform movement

This past weekend in Milwaukee, Jill joined voting justice champions in the Midwest for the second successful Voting Justice and Democratizing Elections conference. Movement leaders shared their expertise about election integrity efforts after #Recount2016, “new Jim Crow” voter suppression schemes, redistricting reform to fight gerrymandering, fair voting systems like Ranked Choice Voting, and much more.

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March 10, 2017

Even before Trump’s team swung into action to thwart the Recount 2016 effort, it was clear that we’d have to fight for elections we can trust - that are accurate, secure and just. Doing so requires a voting system that is verifiable and accountable to the people.

Recount activists have been hard at work making sure that the lessons of the recount lead to lasting reforms. Here’s a quick update on what we’re doing and how you can get involved:


Voting Justice conference in Philly a rousing success

This past weekend in Philadelphia, Jill joined champions for voting justice from around the country for an inspiring conference on how we can democratize elections, protect voting rights and fight for election integrity. From the lively sessions led by national leaders of this growing movement, it was clear that Recount 2016 has both exposed the crisis of our broken voting system, and energized the movement to fix it.

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January 13, 2017

The counting may be over. But thanks to your support, the fight continues for real democracy and elections we can trust! With 80% of voters disgusted by the election and 90% having lost faith in our political system, this fight is more important than ever.

In the wake of a divisive and bitter election, over 10,000 volunteers and 161,000 donors came forward to make this historic multi-state Recount possible. On Thanksgiving weekend, you launched this Recount as a key step we the people could take to help build the democracy we deserve. This remarkable citizen initiative is still going strong.

In Wisconsin, activists are still fighting for our right to examine the privately-managed electronic machines, so we can investigate potential malfeasance, error or hacking by any bad actor - domestic or foreign. Nearly half of Wisconsin voters were denied a reliable hand recount, largely in under-resourced communities of color, the very places voting machines are most likely to fail. To push for urgently needed legislative fixes, activists have launched a broad based “Count My Vote” coalition.

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