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Does the Discrepancy Between Exit Polls and Vote Totals From the 2016 Election Show Fraud?


getty_521132954_120059.jpgThere is a statistically significant difference between what the exit polls say happened in the 2016 Presidential Election and what the vote totals say happened on November 8th.

Alone this proves nothing but, in the tech world, we like to say the proof is in the data so let's dive in. Make up your own mind and share it with others.

Here are the facts:

1) In 28 states doing exit polling, 23 states had a margin favoring Trump, against 5 for Clinton. That's 82% of states going one way in a highly divided nation.

2) Among Clinton's 5, only one was above 5% discrepancy, New York. Trump had 10 and a full 13 above 4%. The typical margin of error in exit polling is sub-3%, dating back at least 4 elections.

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