Should we be concerned that our elections are vulnerable to cyber security breaches?

Yes. Election integrity advocates have demonstrated, with alarming ease, the vulnerability of our elections to cyber security breaches. See the testimony to Congress by Alex Halderman, Professor of Computer Science & Engineering at the University of Michigan.

At a 2017 cybersecurity conference, attendees were easily able to hack into 30 voting machines, many of which are commonly used in US elections - some of them within minutes.

In an age of commonplace computer security breaches - from the WannaCry ransomware attacks in the energy, healthcare, transportation and other sectors, to the Equifax hack into hundreds of millions of credit accounts - it's critical to secure our voting infrastructure. This should be part of a comprehensive reform agenda to create accurate, secure and just elections.

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  • Robert Blackmon
    published this page in Recount FAQ 2017-12-12 11:10:15 -0500