Why was a recount needed in the 2016 Presidential election?

The 2016 presidential recount was launched to address widespread concerns about the security and integrity of the 2016 presidential election. At the time, hacking was identified in several voter registration databases and suspected in the DNC and Podesta email scandals. Hacking scandals were also exploding in the world of business, finance, security, entertainment and more - including hacks against Yahoo, Netflix and the NSA. All of this raised concern for our elections because US voting machines are known to be highly susceptible to hacking.

In addition, exit polls diverged markedly from election results in many states. A variety of election monitoring organizations, including the US State Department, use this as a red flag for possible election tampering when assessing other countries’ elections. This is no less of a warning sign in our own country.

A group of election integrity experts contacted our campaign after reviewing the election results. Many of them had worked with the Green Party during the 2004 recounts in Ohio and New Mexico. They knew we had experience in presidential recounts and a history of standing up for voters’ right to just, secure and verified elections.

In this setting of growing concern about the accuracy and security of the 2016 vote, the recount was launched to obtain evidence to affirm or lay to rest these suspicions, and to verify whether the official results accurately reflected the will of the voters.  

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